An RPG Written in Blood and Betrayal

What is Tales of Crestoria?


A New Tales, Born in your hands.
An RPG designed for mobiles, presented to new players and series fans alike, and set in a fully-realized original world.
The game stars Kanata, a boy who bears the stain of a crime for which he can never atone. He and his fellow transgressors set off on a quest to defy the very rules of their world. More than 50 colorful characters from the likes of Kosuke Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata are brought to life as beautiful 3D models. Smooth controls allow for exhilarating battles. Enjoy exploring the world together with fellow transgressors and experience their struggles, growth, and bond. A truly dramatic story where beliefs are worth risking everything for.
All of this serves to tell the unforgettable story of Kanata and his close-knit band of criminals. Experience their adventure in the palm of your hand.